Brownstone Facade Restoration Brooklyn

Brownstone Facade Renovation

In the first half of the 19th century, a growing urban middle class was looking for something more distinguished than the usual brick facades. Marble, granite, and limestone were too expensive to ship to Brooklyn. Brownstone, a type of sandstone found in nearby New Jersey, was easy to transport and more affordable.
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Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc. restores historical brownstones to their original beauty.

The brownstone was cut by expert stonecutters into blocks less than a foot thick, which were added to the front of brick buildings. Masons could then carve intricate ornamental designs into the stone. This type of home became so iconic that New Yorkers tend to use the word “brownstone” to refer to any townhouse or row house. The relative softness that makes brownstone easy to work with, however, leaves it prone to erosion and decay, and the facades of these buildings are often in need of restoration. So how do you restore a brownstone? We asked the specialists at Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc. how they go about returning a crumbling classic to its former beauty.