Brownstone Facade Restoration Brooklyn

Roofing Work

Roofing Work Contractor

Captain Renovation & Contracting Inc  is a Roofing Service contractor In Brooklyn Manhattan also in New York. We are specializing in Roofing replacement and Roofing repair Work. We Have also New York City Landmarks Commission approved. We are brownstone and limestone restoration contractor licensed by the city of New York.Roofing Work

In addition we have bond also insurance. Our Company have also many satisfied Brownstone and Limestone Restoration customers in Brooklyn Manhattan In New York metro area. Which we can provide you with referrals. First of all When considering a full Roofing replacement. We also realize quality will be at the forefront of your decision making process. Home Services offers state of the art residential Roofing products that provide lasting durability and improve the look of your home-instantly. We are experienced also authorized As a roofing contractors. They will get your Roofing installation done safely and efficiently. We are assuring you satisfaction of our service.

We are Also specialized

  • * New Roofing Work systems * Rubber Roofing * Roofing coating * Roofing hatch installed
  • * Skylight * Gutter *Downspout * Capping * Conical roof
  • * Shingle Roofing * Butterfly roof  * Rainbow roof * Gable or saddle roof * Clerestory  roof
  • * Gable roof with cats lide  * Saw-tooth  roof * Hip roof